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Good Shepherd and Silver Good Shepherd  

The Good Shepherd Emblem is a National recognition for adults who have rendered outstanding service to Baptist youth through their church and one of the national serving agencies, including the BSA. The emblem is made available through ABS in cooperation with those youth-serving agencies. 

Self and spouse nominations are not accepted. The nomination form is available as a .pdf file, and once completed can be mailed to P.R.A.Y. for consideration.

Baptist Unit Award of Excellence

Purpose: The Baptist Unit Award of Excellence is a three level program that recognizes exemplary units chartered to Baptist Churches. Quality units with a leadership team committed to ministry become an integral part of the Church's outreach to the community. They have a positive impact on Scouts and their families and they rarely become dropped units.

Recognition: Units that earn the recognition are award a certificate and a ribbon. Individual Scouts may purchase the unit award patch. To qualify for the recognition the unit must meet eight of the following requirements during the current charter year, including all requirements marked with an asterisk (*) Note: This award is a three level award. In the first year units earn the level 1 recognition. In succeeding years they may earn the level 2 and level 3 recognitions. Each successive award must be earned within two recharter years of the previous level recognition (not more than six years).

Download the application form, complete, and e-mail it to the ABS Secretary

* 1. A unit must have earned the BSA Quality Unit Award in the charter year just completed.

* 2. 30% or more of the registered youth members in the unit must be actively enrolled in or have completed the appropriate religious emblem for their age and religious affiliation.

3. The minister or qualified pastoral appointee must be involved as a counselor in the God and Country religious emblems program.

4. The unit must participate in Scout Sunday at the Baptist Church where it is operated.

* 5. The unit must provide regular worship opportunities when away from home on Sundays.

* 6. Either the unit leader or committee chairman must be an active member of a Baptist Church.

7. At least half of the unit committee members must be active in a Baptist Church.

8. The unit must have completed at least one service project for the chartered organization during the last twelve months.

* 9. At least once each year, members must be instructed in the meaning and responsibilities embodied in the "Duty to God" principle of the Cub Scout Promise, Boy Scout Oath and Law, or Explorer Code.

10. Boy Scout Troops and Varsity Scout Teams must also have at least one Chaplain-Aide. The unit must have a designated adult serving as unit Chaplain.



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